Who We Are


Wellington Conservation Center is home to all unwanted, and abandoned animals. We care for orphaned birds and mammals and specialize in the conservation of exotic animals under the threat of habitat loss and poaching, including two critically endangered species. 

Mission and History

Our mission is simple; provide loving help and care to as many animals as we can! Whether it is taking in orphaned wildlife for rehabilitation, or an unwanted or abandoned pet that needs a happy life, we are here FOR THE ANIMALS! Even if we ourselves cannot give the animal the help it needs we do are darndest to find someone who will. We have pointed countless wildlife inquiries in the proper direction and placed multiple big cats and bears to specialized organizations all over the country!

Our story starts a long, long time ago in a foreign land called … Illinois. A family run farm originally suited for horses, slowly morphed into something even more special. With a heart too big to deny animals a home when needed, animals of all shapes and sizes started to call a new sanctuary their own. Lions, tigers, cougars, monkeys, alpacas, ostriches, and our favorite animal, the black bear. Not just any black bear, but one named Pooh, who would send us on a mission that we are still fighting for to this day. After over 20 years of running our facility in Chicago, the decision was made to move to this location in Wellington, Florida!

Illinois and Florida are a bit different, so we made a shift in our focus to wildlife rehabilitation and, utilizing the tropical environment, conservation programs for species under the threat of extinction. WCC now boasts four breeding programs for Linnaeus’s Two-toed Sloths, Southern Tamanduas, Black and White Ruffed Lemurs and Red Ruffed Lemurs! However the calls for rescues keep on pouring in, so we also supply lifelong homes to as many displaced animals as we can! Now at over 50 animals strong, we are a little full, but are always open for expansion! The best part? You can help!

Our conservation center is supported by generous people like yourself! As a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization all donations are 100% tax-deductible and go directly into the feed and veterinary care of all the animals here at the farm. Almost all of our money comes from our tours and educational programs, but we are looking to add local sponsors, grants, and trusts to help take our program to new heights!

Meet the Team


Cole is a graduate of Barrett the Honors College at Arizona State University with a degree in Biological Sciences (Animal Behavior, Physiology, and Neurobiology). He wears many hats at the sanctuary, but mainly his cowboy hat! He runs the tour program, serves as our camp counselor, runs the social media accounts and website (doesn’t that mean he’s writing this?), designs our merchandise, and of course, takes care of the animals!