We are completely self-funded and rely on tours and donations to help aid in the costs of running our facility.  Through the help of sponsors we are hoping to enhance and expand our program to new heights! 

Helping Hand: $500

  • Name and Logo on Website
  • Annual Social Media Post

Rescuer: $1k

  • Name and Logo on Website
  • Bi-annual Social Media Posts
  • Complimentary Tours

Conservationist: $2.5k

  • Name and Logo on Website
  • Quarterly Social Media Posts
  • Complimentary Tours
  • Enclosure Sponsorship

Savior: $5k

  • Name and Logo on Website
  • Bimonthly Social Media Posts
  • Complimentary Tours PLUS In-office Visits
  • Enclosure Sponsorship

Angel: $10k+

  • Name and Logo on Website
  • Monthly Social Media Posts
  • Complimentary Tours and In-office Visits
  • Enclosure Sponsorships
  • Naming Rights to a Fundraiser

We are flexible in our packages! We would love to create mutually beneficial relationships with our sponsors, tailored to their specific philanthropic vision.  WCC would offer up social media posts, putting your name and logo on our website, complimentary private tours, in-office animal visits and enclosure sponsorships.  For higher tiers we could have a fundraiser in your name, or even name a building or animal at the farm after you!


WCC is only possible through the support of our community. Thank you to anyone and everyone that decides to help out, either by visiting us or through sponsorship programs!


Wellington Conservation Center recently leased 100 acres in northern Wisconsin to build out a Black Bear Sanctuary. At our northern location, we will be accepting bears that are either nuisance bears, orphans, or bears that are injured and cannot be returned to the wild. Please help us with funding for fencing and construction for this project. 

We are in need of chain linked fencing, posts and concrete culverts. The enclosures for the black bears will be 2-3 acre sites to replicate a natural habitat for them; not a small cage. Any and all donations would be greatly appreciated.