Our Pot-Bellied Pig

The Pot-bellied Pig is named that not because of a big stomach, but because they have a natural dip in their back that causes their stomach to hang no matter what size it is.  They were originally found in the wild in Vietnam.  They were hunted down there for their meat and got to populations low enough that they started outbreeding them with the American pigs, so a lot of the Pot-bellied pigs that you see now are actually a mix.

Lucy is a certified miniature pig, so she is not supposed to grow any more than 15 pounds.  Obviously nobody told her that, because she’s well over 115 pounds now.  The original intent for her was to be a house pig.  They bought her for their daughter specifically.  She was sleeping in the bed with the daughter and in the air conditioning all day every day until she got too big.  Where the family was located they aren’t allowed livestock in the yard, so Lucy made her way to us.

She does have eyes, and she can see (a lot of people ask).  She’s also on a diet right now, so she gets about half as much food as Angelina.  The goal is to get her to lose about 10-15 pounds of weight so her belly doesn’t drag as much when she walks.