Our Citron-Crested Cockatoo

Cindy-Sue the One-Legged Cockatoo. 

She is a very special bird indeed.  Cindy-Sue’s old owner used to keep her outside when she was younger.  Unfortunately, a group of raccoons attacked her cage and managed to get a hold of her leg, which she eventually lost.  Somehow Cindy-Sue survived and made her way here where she is kept nice and safe in her indoor enclosure.

Cindy-Sue is a Citron-Crested Cockatoo.  This is a very special subspecies of the Yellow-Crested Cockatoo, with the one main difference being an orange plume of feathers on the crest versus a yellow one.  The Yellow-Crested Cockatoo is already listed as a critically endangered species by the IUCN, with populations sitting at 1-2.5k as of 2018.  The last measured population size of the Citron-Crested was 562 in 2012 and it was in decline. This species needs every bit of help it can get.

The Citron-Crested is a medium sized Cockatoo found only on the island of Sumba in Indonesia.  They have grey feet, a dark grey beak, and light blue eyelids.  The plumage is mainly white, with pale yellow underneath and on the cheeks, and then a bright orange crest on top of the head.