Our Pale Foxes

Pale Foxes are indigenous to the African deserts.  They are nocturnal animals, so they are mostly active at night, but during the day they hide in their burrows.  They evolved in an area of Africa that doesn’t have a whole lot of water at all, so they can go practically their entire lives without drinking anything directly.  They’ll survive off the moisture in their food alone, so they have to eat fruits and vegetables to stay hydrated.  

The full grown adults are only between 4-6 pounds.  Animals in the deserts or towards the equator are going to be smaller than their northern or southern relatives, and that’s because it allows heat to escape their bodies faster.  You’ll also notice a lot of big ears and long skinny legs, and that’s for the same reason.

We got two of our foxes from a sanctuary that closed down in northern Florida back in 2019.  They came here to join Felix, who was raised as a house pet, but when we put them together they did not get along. So we separated them and ended up having 3 babies 5/26/21. One of them is now at a local sanctuary being an ambassador animal, the other two are still at the farm!

Pictured Above: Felix, Mom, Dad, Baby