Our Wild Hog

The Wild Hog is believed to have been brought over by conquistadors a couple hundred years ago, and they have now established themselves over much of the southestern U.S.  The males are called boars and have tusks, the females, like Angelina, are just hogs and don’t have tusks.  What they all have is a gigantic nose that they use like a bulldozer to go after the roots of plants.  

There was a farm near us that had a problem with the Wild Hogs so they killed off an entire family of them.  They found an infant Angelina and didn’t have the heart to kill her so she was rushed here immediately.  Angelina was nursed in the house and raised with the dogs, so she’s house-trained and knows how to poop and pee outside.  She’s also harness trained so she can still go on walks to this day! She got just a little bit too big for the house life and had to move to an outdoor enclosure.