Our Blue-and-Yellow Macaw

The Blue-and-Yellow Macaw is a parrot species native to the tropical rainforests of northern South America.  It is one of the largest parrot species in the world, with a wingspan of over 3 feet.  These are also very intelligent birds and can be trained, in addition to being able to replicate an extensive vocabulary.  

Most of the Blue-and-Yellow Macaws look very similar, with a largely blue exterior, yellow underneath, green forehead, black chin, and a white face.  They have a very powerful large beak adept at crushing the shells of nuts that they feed on.  

Matilda is our Macaw.  She was originally known as ‘Brat’.  She went through six different owners in 2 years, and knew ALL the swear words (she’s not a nice bird).  Luckily she made her way here where she finally bonded with the owner and seems to swear a whole lot less, which is nice.